The image showcases a graphical chat interface with a question from a user asking "What does ai12z do?" and a response from the chatbot stating that ai12z is an AI-driven technology company that builds next-generation search, chatbots, and modern AI applications called copilots. The chat interface is adorned with colorful icons and images representing cars, buildings, and bicycles, illustrating the diverse applications of ai12z's technology.
A file upload modal prompting to "Select a file" by dragging and dropping, with a backdrop of document icons such as a Word doc and PDFs, and images representing file types or uploads, indicating a user-friendly interface for adding files to a system.

Upload your content

A customer service chat interaction where a customer asks, "Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?" and receives a reply, "Yes! You can update the shipping address within 2 hours of placing your order." The chat bubbles are accompanied by profile icons, indicating a conversational exchange between a customer and a representative.

Answer questions instantly

A flowchart depicting order fulfillment steps: starting with "Process Orders," leading to "Verify Inventory," then to "Coordinate Shipping," and concluding with "Update Order Status." The steps are represented by various shapes connected by lines, indicating the sequence of operations.

Automate workflows

The image shows a statistics dashboard with two counters: one displaying "582 Questions Answered" with a thumbs-up icon, and another showing "14 Questions Not Answered" with a thumbs-down icon, both set against a teal background.

Analyze interactions

All-in-one copilot platform to elevate customer experiences

ai12z’s copilot acts as a personal digital assistant for your customers and prospects, guiding them through their journey, whether they’re seeking information or making transactions. With its Generative AI engine, it offers tailored responses.

The image is of a customer service chat where a customer states they ordered a blue sweater but received a green one. The representative responds with a solution, offering a prepaid return label and confirming that the correct blue sweater will be sent via express shipping. There's an image of the blue sweater and a "Get Label" button provided, likely for the return. The customer thanks the representative, indicated by a chat bubble with "Thanks!" and an accompanying profile picture of a smiling person wearing a yellow sweater.

Automate any internal workflow

Boost efficiency with a copilot that handles your employees’ time-intensive tasks. From answering their questions about IT issues, HR policies, or offering the right messaging for a sales call, it’s a versatile assistant, freeing your team for strategic endeavors.

A graphic representing a virtual sales assistant interaction, where a person asks for help preparing for a sales call. The assistant, depicted as a cheerful man with glasses holding a laptop, offers detailed support, including the company background, the client's purchase history, and key issues to discuss. Below the conversation are two visual aids: a company profile card and a purchase history chart with an upward trend, providing actionable insights for the sales call.

Go live with your next copilot

Next-generation AI apps designed to assist your customers and employees in task completion.

A collage of virtual assistant interactions depicting various personal tasks being managed digitally, including a PTO balance inquiry with a response showing six days remaining, a flight status check showing a flight on time for departure, a theater ticket booking confirmation for 'West Side Story', and an e-commerce delivery update indicating an order arriving on Tuesday.

Transform your business with a Generative AI copilot

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