AI-Powered Business Solutions

Harness the power of Generative AI for enhanced customer engagement and streamlined operations. Explore our use cases to see how AI copilots can transform your business.

External Website

Boost leads with an AI copilot on your site. Enhance your search bar so your visitors get summarized information in response to their questions. Navigate prospects through the buyer’s journey, answer product queries, and achieve more conversions. Personalize experiences using customer data, benefiting businesses across industries and ensuring repeat customers.

Sales Enablement

Equip sales reps with an AI copilot, granting instant access to product details and real-time customer insights. Streamline interactions by pulling from your CRM, website, comprehensive knowledge bases, and even external news articles ensuring prompt and informed responses during calls.

Customer Support

Improve support with a copilot, offering prompt answers to questions, reducing customer wait times, and cutting operational costs. The copilot can go through your product manuals, documentation, and help desk content to find the right answer. For even more intricate queries, the copilot smartly directs your customers and prospects to human agents.

HR & Recruitment

Modernize your HR and recruitment efforts with a copilot, automating candidate screening, scheduling, and onboarding. Analyze resumes effectively, and quickly respond to common employee queries, streamlining processes and boosting overall efficiency.

IT Support

Utilize an AI copilot to rapidly address frequent IT queries such as password resets, software installation guidance, and connectivity issues. This reduces employee wait times and significantly eases the burden on human technicians, ensuring streamlined IT support. When the copilot can’t answer your employee’s question, it’ll open an IT ticket with a live person.

Transform your business with a Generative AI copilot

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