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Your Personal Digital Assistant

A digital chat interface showing a conversation where a user with a concerned expression asks about an error code "5401" reported by an assembly line, and receives a response directing them to refer to the manual for assistance.

Traditional chatbots often fall short.

A conversational interface with a message bubble where a user with a surprised expression inquires about an error code "5401" on an assembly line, and a chatbot responds that the error code indicates a calibration issue with the conveyor speed, offering to run a diagnostic check or schedule a maintenance technician visit.

Copilots revolutionize interactions with advance understanding.

A customer service chat interface depicting a customer considering two smartwatch models, HealthSync Ultra and HealthSync Lite. The customer, shown exercising with headphones, asks for help choosing between them. The chatbot responds, inquiring about the customer's preference for extensive health features or longer battery life with basic tracking. Images of the two smartwatches with their prices are displayed, suggesting an e-commerce setting.

Generative AI copilot benefits

Save Costs

Automate work and reduce overhead with AI.

Enhance Productivity

Redirect employee focus from mundane tasks to strategic initiatives.

Boost Sales & Prevent Returns

Immediate product answers increase sales and reduce return rates.

24/7 Support

Instant answers, anytime, for both customers and employees.

Personalized Interactions

Tailored responses for individual user needs and preferences.

Continuous Learning

The AI adapts and improves over time, learning from user behavior and feedback.

Expert Knowledge Base

Familiarity with every detail of product manuals, documentation, and policies.


Engage users in various languages without additional manpower.

Seamless content upload

Easily upload or link to a variety of content – from documents, web pages, CMS content, to images – with our user-friendly drag-and-drop portal.

A file upload modal prompting to "Select a file" by dragging and dropping, with a backdrop of document icons such as a Word doc and PDFs, and images representing file types or uploads, indicating a user-friendly interface for adding files to a system.

AI chat for instant Q&A

Deploy a GenAI copilot on your site for immediate customer query resolution on your product offerings and services. Empower employees internally to get answers they need quickly.

A woman seated on a chair looks at a tablet, with a speech bubble indicating she's seeking help for her non-responsive smart thermostat. Beside her, a customer support chat suggests checking the mounting and display, offering to guide her through a reset if needed. Numbers in the background imply adjusting temperature settings.

Custom copilot: simplifying every task

Go live with a digital assistant that streamlines every aspect of your business. From guiding customers to the right products to handling returns, or even optimizing your team’s workflows, our copilot is all about making tasks easier. It’s ready to support your team and delight your customers, creating personalized experiences for everyone involved.

A graphic of a customer service interface showcasing a male representative's photo, with icons for various support options such as email and documents, suggesting a streamlined, user-friendly virtual assistance experience.

AI-powered search

Our AI-powered search dives deep into the context of user queries and responds in detailed summaries, personalized through interaction history. Autocomplete offers quick suggestions for a smoother search. We use natural language processing to go beyond keywords, redefining how users find information.

A customer service chat interface displaying a search question about the key features of a product called Sol-Elite X5, with a list of features presented in a chat bubble, including high-efficiency cells and eco-friendly production.

Brand-aligned conversations

Ensure your copilot sticks to approved content for accurate responses, offering reliable and unbiased assistance. It’s designed to incorporate your brand’s unique voice into conversations, maintaining consistency and upholding brand integrity.

A vibrant graphic showing elements of brand guidelines, including icons for fonts and styles, voice and tone, and a colorful representation of brand personality with a palette of brand colors.

Developer friendly

Our platform is designed for ease of integration, customization, and extensibility. Embedding our copilot into your site is straightforward with our SDKs.

A smiling woman sitting cross-legged with a laptop on her lap is superimposed over a background featuring abstract representations of digital interfaces, suggesting a user-friendly technology environment. A speech bubble with "Ask a question" text hovers beside her, indicating interactive customer service or support.

Answer questions with code visualization

Introduce a copilot that’s familiar with your technical resources. It can handle product manuals, code samples, and API integrations, offering straightforward technical support and advice tailored to your organization’s needs.

A graphic overlay displays a Python function code snippet for interacting with a GPT model, alongside an avatar of a woman with a speech bubble saying "Create a GPT model function", all suggesting a tutorial or example of programming artificial intelligence.

Data to optimize your answers

Discover trending questions and identify content gaps to enhance user engagement and SEO. Track user inquiries and their feedback, pinpointing answers that resonate based on thumbs up or down. Use these insights to enable content authors to fine-tune responses and better align with audience needs.

A customer support dashboard interface displaying statistics with "582 Questions Answered" and "14 Questions Not Answered." A user query about switching to renewable energy for a home is shown, with a response from Caspire about customized solutions for home renewable energy systems, suggesting a helpdesk or customer service interaction scenario.

Analytics that provide actionable insights

Track user engagement with key metrics like total questions asked and peak inquiry times. Get user metadata for deeper behavior insights and geographic data to understand where your users are, helping you tailor your strategy to diverse audiences.

An analytics dashboard displaying a variety of metrics; a magnifying glass focuses on a bar graph labeled 'JAN' showing an increase, adjacent to data points indicating '82k' with a '75%' completion gauge and a positive trend arrow, suggesting a detailed examination of business performance metrics.

All-in-one copilot platform

ai12z’s platform allows you to create and manage next-generation chatbots and modern AI applications called copilots. Non-technical teams are empowered to easily set up and deploy this AI-powered technology in hours. Beyond just answering questions, the ai12z GenAI reasoning engine allows your team to automate workflows without the need to build decision-tree logic or have an intent engine. Using advanced Generative AI, ai12z’s platform includes:

Question and Answering

Instantly answer questions from customers and employees with our GenAI-powered Q&A copilot. Capable of handling inquiries about your products, services, company procedures, user guides, and more, it ensures accurate and prompt responses.

Reasoning Engine and Natural Language Understanding

Your Generative AI copilot serves as a sophisticated reasoning engine. It answers questions based on your data, makes informed recommendations, and assists in task completion. When customers, prospects, or employees ask questions, it comprehends natural language and delivers human-like responses.

Visual Copilot Design

Customize your AI copilot’s appearance with specific controls, HTML Smart Forms, and adaptive cards to match your brand and user needs.

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop

Quickly upload product documentation, internal sales materials, excel files, or even website content into the portal.

Link to Content Repositories

Easily integrate with platforms like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc., using connectors to upload existing content efficiently.

Enhanced Search

Transform search functionality with AI-powered context-aware summaries, natural language processing, and intuitive autocomplete for superior query results. 

Brand to Match Your Business

Customize your GenAI copilot with your own logo and colors, ensuring it aligns with your company’s brand identity.

Form Filling

Enable customers and prospects to conveniently fill out forms in your copilot.

Live Agent Escalation

Let your copilot handle routine inquiries, with the more intricate ones escalated to live agents.

Personalized to the User

The copilot adapts to each user by connecting to your CRM, using purchase history and preferences to personalize interactions. 

Bot Integration

Seamlessly integrate ai12z with existing bots like Microsoft Bot Framework or Google Dialog Flow for enhanced functionality.


Communicate with users across various platforms, from your website and mobile app to channels like Facebook and Skype.


Understand multiple languages so you can communicate with your worldwide visitors.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights with real-time analytics to measure performance, drive decisions, and refine strategies. 


Our platform offers seamless integrations with top enterprise applications so that you can personalize the user experience. Designed for extensibility, it empowers you and your development partners to effortlessly enhance functionality by adding your own custom widgets and connectors.

A network of various application icons, such as Zapier, Salesforce, Box, Google, Dropbox, Slack, OneNote, and Teams, connected by lines to illustrate the integration capabilities between different software platforms and tools.

Transform your business with a Generative AI copilot

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