Artificial intelligence has come a long way, and generative AI is now a key driver in advancing business results. But enterprises often don’t know where to start. Two significant areas where you can leverage generative AI are on your website to convert visitors into customers and on internal apps to improve employee efficiency.

Today, we’re excited to announce ai12z’s copilot platform. This platform enables you to create AI-powered chatbots, search tools, and copilots, answering questions from prospects, customers, and employees, and helping them in task completion.

ai12z’s copilot platform acts as a digital personal assistant:

What’s a “copilot?”

A copilot, also known as a digital personal assistant, goes beyond what traditional chatbots offer. While it may resemble a chatbot with its conversational interface, its use of generative AI makes it much more advanced. Essentially, generative AI ‘generates’ content, whether text, audio, images, video, or even code. More importantly, it acts as a reasoning engine, understanding user intent and context. Our platform combines a large language model (such as OpenAI GPT-4, Amazon Bedrock, etc.) with your organization’s unique content.

Answer questions on your website

Visitors come to your website seeking information about your products, services, or solutions. Those visitors are potential leads, and getting quick, accurate answers to their questions is key for converting them into loyal customers, advocates, members, or donors. Without prompt responses, they might turn to competitors.

ai12z’s copilot platform will help your customers and prospects find what they’re looking for:

Elevate online experiences with a copilot

A copilot does more than just answer questions; it actively assists in task completion – such as filling out forms, recommending products, or facilitating purchases. This not only leads to a personalized journey for each visitor on your website, thereby improving conversion rates, but also significantly enhances customer satisfaction:

Answer your employees’ questions and automate internal workflows

Free up your team’s time from repetitive inquiries and content searches. Whether it’s sales needing quick access to product content or IT dealing with frequent queries about passwords and software installations, our copilot streamlines these processes:

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our platform or reach out to discuss your enterprise’s specific use case. Plus, we’re offering a 30-day free trial to get you started. We’re excited to show you how generative AI can transform your business.