A copilot is an application that uses AI and a large language model (and has a conversational interface) to assist users in completing tasks. Think of it as your digital assistant. That’s why it’s called a “copilot.”

But let’s go into more detail…

Copilots will become as widespread as websites are today, if not more significant.

Just think. With the rise of generative AI, there are so many possibilities ahead of how it can revolutionize businesses – both to improve the overall customer experience, leading to more purchases and repeat customers, and transforming how we work by automating workflows and streamlining operations.

Let’s start with the basics:

So, what exactly is a copilot? As said above, it’s an app that uses AI and a large language model to assist users in completing tasks and decision making. It has a conversational interface, so it looks like a chatbot but is much more advanced. Think of it as your digital assistant. Or, in some industries, such as travel and hospitality, it acts like a digital concierge. We know a copilot as the second in command of an airplane, which makes sense, because while you’re in control, the digital copilot is there to assist. It can:

Companies that have gone live with copilots:

Organizations across all industries – Education, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Non-Profits & Associations, Technology & Services, Travel & Hospitality, etc. – have gone live with websites to promote their brand and educate customers. Now, copilots can further enhance customer experience, offering personalized assistance across digital channels.

Let’s take a look at how a copilot, acting like a chatbot on your website, can be transformative in different industries:

Copilots can also be integrated into customer support platforms, answering product-related queries, or serving as an internal resource for employee inquiries about procedures and policies.

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