Partnership will transform customers’ digital experiences by combining RWS Tridion’s content management solution with ai12z’s AI-powered search, chatbots, and copilots.

Combined ai12z and RWS Tridion logos

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with RWS Tridion, a leading provider of global content management solutions, to bring the power of generative AI (GenAI) technology to enterprises worldwide.

The partnership underscores ai12z and RWS Tridion’s joint mission to enable enterprises to transform digital experiences for their customers. Now, Tridion customers will be able to access the power of ai12z’s copilot platform by going live with AI-powered search, chatbots, and copilot digital assistants on Tridion-run websites, intranets, and applications.

“Our collaboration with ai12z showcases our commitment to pushing boundaries in delivering best-in-class digital solutions to our enterprise clients. Through this partnership, we’re empowering enterprises to leverage the power of GenAI,” said Elsa Sklavounou, VP AI Alliances, Global Partnerships – Content Technology at RWS Group. “Integrating ai12z’s AI capabilities with our Tridion platform is a game-changer, reshaping the online interactions organizations have with their customers. We’re excited to see the global impact this partnership will have on enterprises.”

RWS Tridion empowers the world’s largest brands to create, manage, and deliver content across various digital channels. The platform combines web content, structured content and headless delivery in a single solution, making it essential for organizations with heavy content demands. Additionally, Tridion extends to creating knowledge hubs and intranets, simplifying access to organizational resources.

Enterprises using RWS Tridion and ai12z will benefit from a powerful content management solution combined with generative AI tools. Our AI understands user intent and context when site visitors ask questions, enabling more intuitive and relevant interactions than traditional keyword-search. This capability extends to chatbots on company websites, offering summarized responses and understanding follow-up questions without repetition.

“By integrating our GenAI technology with Tridion’s content management solution, we will transform how enterprises engage with their customers online,” said Bill Rogers, CEO and Co-founder at ai12z. “If site visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, it’s a missed opportunity. Our partnership will improve conversion rates by ensuring easier content discovery on websites. Our copilot technology further personalizes the user experience, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and real business outcomes. We’re thrilled to partner with RWS Tridion to revolutionize how organizations engage with their customers digitally.”

ai12z and RWS Tridion will work on developing custom-built copilots specific to each enterprise’s needs. These digital assistants will enhance the user journey, providing product recommendations, helping them make purchases, aiding in completing a task, and converting prospects into loyal customers, donors, members, etc.

Our Tridion CMS Connector seamlessly integrates an organization’s existing content within Tridion’s CMS with ai12z’s generative AI. This synergy turns your content into an intelligent, responsive resource, leveraging a large language model that can be chosen by the customer.

Our partnership with RWS Tridion empowers enterprises to harness the power of advanced AI on their websites and intranets for a revolutionary online experience. Visit RWS Tridion and ai12z to learn more.

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