Combined ai12z and GRM logos

Today, we’re announcing a new partnership with GRM Digital, focused on deploying generative AI copilot technology to various organizations. GRM Digital will assist its global customer base in incorporating AI-powered search, chatbots, and digital assistants into their web experiences.

This collaboration combines ai12z’s copilot platform with GRM’s expertise in digital strategy and consulting. Together, we aim to help customers progress in their AI journey by leveraging GRM’s experience in implementing technology solutions on corporate sites.

“Today marks a milestone for GRM Digital as we embark on an innovative journey alongside ai12z,” said Nej Gakenyi, CEO and Founder at GRM Digital. “By joining forces, we aim to seamlessly integrate generative AI solutions into websites, improving customer experiences and delivering efficiencies for organizations worldwide.”

GRM Digital is an award-winning web design and development agency specializing in design and implementation, with a focus on Content Management System driven websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and collaborative intranet and extranet solutions.

The use cases for this AI technology include enhanced website search, offering detailed summaries to user queries rather than just a list of links, chatbots that address users’ inquiries about products and services, and digital assistants that provide product recommendations and navigate users through their customer journey.

“GRM Digital is already engaging with customers who are actively seeking their expertise on the best use of AI technology,” said Bill Rogers, CEO and Co-founder at ai12z. “With their deep understanding of customer challenges, GRM is well-positioned to guide organizations in identifying the business use cases for generative AI and empowering them with the right technology. We’re thrilled to partner with them and support their efforts to elevate their AI capabilities and offerings.”

ai12z and GRM Digital will work together to deliver AI solutions to customers across multiple industries.  Both companies will dedicate resources to ensure successful implementation of these AI solutions on customer sites.

We’re excited to collaborate to drive digital innovation and enhance customer experiences.