ai12z Image AI

“A picture is worth a thousand words” so the saying goes.

Today, we’re excited to unveil Image AI. Now, you can chat via a copilot—acting as a chatbot—or use the search bar on a brand’s website to not only get answers but also see images related to those answers.

We’re all familiar with texting friends and family, often sending photos to enhance our conversations. But what if you could interact in the same way with a brand? Whether it’s through a chatbot on their external website or an internal app, Image AI allows you to do so.

For instance, imagine you’re a prospective student exploring university websites. You visit The George Washington University’s page and want to know more about the campus.

The George Washington University Mount Vernon Campus copilot

Or, you’re planning a trip and browsing a travel website for information about London. Just ask a copilot your questions!

London museums copilot example
Westminster Abbey copilot example

Once an organization uploads its content into ai12z, whether through a CMS connector or by uploading files like product manuals, marketing brochures, and more, ai12z ingests all that content. We go beyond what is just in the ALT text—our AI analyzes the image using an AI Vision Model to enhance the image description, and we create an image caption which shows up below the image.

When a site visitor asks a question, we examine all the ingested content to provide an answer with contextually relevant images. This leverages image AI so that the visuals match the answers provided.

Imagine all the use cases of this (in addition to the ones you saw above): 

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